Kids Martial Arts Classes in Greensboro

Kids Martial Arts

PRIDE Kids Krav Maga is unlike any other children’s martial arts class you may have seen before. This self-defense program is affiliated through Fit-to-Fight International and is a mixture of Israeli Krav Maga, Muay Thai kickboxing, and grappling. Appropriate for kids ages 6-12. Parents can count on their kids getting a great workout and learning to defend themselves against common ever day attacks. We do not play kickball, we do not wear uniforms, we do not do belt test, we do not break boards, and we are NOT a glorified daycare. We ARE a program that will make your kids safer, stronger, and more confident.

Kids Martial ArtsTry it for FREE and see that this is the best program for your child. There is no strings attached or commitments afterward and we promise not to pressure you with a annoying sales pitch.