Improved My Overall Health

I started personal training at Octagon MMA about 5 months ago. I began training with no prior knowledge or experience in martial arts. My trainer David worked with me to build a solid foundation of different fighting styles to see which one I liked best. I ended up sticking with traditional boxing because I was excited by the progress I was seeing in my skills, and I could also tell that David has a real passion for boxing which comes out in his coaching. My time training at Octagon MMA has been invaluable. David is very flexible and has always been open to adjusting my training to suit my needs and preferences. While he gives encouragement when I do something right, David is not simply a "yes man". When I make mistakes he points out what I need to fix and offers constructive criticism. This has been a key part of the improvements I have made. Since I started training at Octagon MMA, I have learned a lot and greatly improved my skills in almost every aspect of boxing. As an added bonus, I also went from about 17.5% body fat down to 13.5%. Thanks to the people at Octagon MMA, I have improved not only my skill level in boxing but also my overall health.

  --Kevin R.