Martial Arts and Fitness Success Stories in Greensboro, NC

Find out how our members in Greensboro NC use martial arts to achieve their self defense and fitness goals.

Does an Excellent Job of Focusing in on What I Need

I have been training jiu-jitsu with Ben for a while now. I have learned a lot and really enjoy them. I think Ben does an excellent job of focusing in on what I need to work on and then helping me work on it.

  --Bill D.

Intense and Very instructional

I have had the honor of being a part of training Jujitsu since this past summer. The classes and open mat sessions are intense, very instructional, and as long as someone desires to learn jujitsu for the right reasons, all skill levels will benefit. I highly recommend Ben.

  --Brian K.

Lost Baby Weight

After having my baby 11-9-12 i was in bad shape. I started in Jan. Beginning weight 113lbs. Present day Im at 108lbs. But I'm now fit, all thanks to David & Kim at Octagon MMA and Krav Maga.

  --Ana S.

So Much Fun that Did Not Realize Getting a Great Workout

I have to say that after having a baby in September of 2012, I never thought I would have energy or be able to sleep. Since starting the mitting class a few months ago, I now have both! Thanks to Kim for making class fun that I don't even realize I'm getting a great workout!

  --Crystal V.

Made Me Stronger and Safer

I have been doing Cardio Kickboxing since Feb. of this year, it is the only work out I have ever looked forward to and enjoyed!!! It has made me stronger and safer!

  --April M.

Won My First Fight

I won my first fight i have ever fought in my entire life. Also it was a title fight.

  --Erica C.

Love this place

I've been at Octagon for 3yrs now and love it. When I first started, I was tired and unmotivated. Now I can hit and kick harder and have lots more energy. I have also been able to maintain a weight of 108 and I'm 36 with 3 kids! Love this place!!!

  --Heather C.

Changed My Life

For the women's cardio kickboxing course: I've been coming to this class 2x/week since February. It's already changed my life - or rather, it's been a valuable tool helping me to change my daily habits. I feel stronger, hit harder, run farther, sleep better, and I'm proud of myself. Thanks to your gym, I look forward to working out now (and that's a first.)

  --Ericka W.

Put Me in the Best Shape

I know I wasn't at your gym for long, but you asked for success stories... I was able to, in the short amount of months I was at your gym, go from weighing 162lbs to getting Down to 135. This is a lot alone, but not only that, but your boxing and kick boxing classes put me in the best shape of my life, as well as helped my knee get very strong very quickly after my surgery. I wouldn't have been able to succeed without the help of your gym.

  --Billie S.

Improved My Overall Health

I started personal training at Octagon MMA about 5 months ago. I began training with no prior knowledge or experience in martial arts. My trainer David worked with me to build a solid foundation of different fighting styles to see which one I liked best. I ended up sticking with traditional boxing because I was excited by the progress I was seeing in my skills, and I could also tell that David has a real passion for boxing which comes out in his coaching. My time training at Octagon MMA has been invaluable. David is very flexible and has always been open to adjusting my training to suit my needs and preferences. While he gives encouragement when I do something right, David is not simply a "yes man". When I make mistakes he points out what I need to fix and offers constructive criticism. This has been a key part of the improvements I have made. Since I started training at Octagon MMA, I have learned a lot and greatly improved my skills in almost every aspect of boxing. As an added bonus, I also went from about 17.5% body fat down to 13.5%. Thanks to the people at Octagon MMA, I have improved not only my skill level in boxing but also my overall health.

  --Kevin R.

Teaches me how to Defend, Fight and get into Shape

Riding a bike, elliptical, etc., just isn't for me...No pushy sales tactics, no idiots trying to be bad, just normal people from all walks of life learning how to defend, fight and get into shape...not only great place to learn Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Russian Sambo but also a place to meet and workout with great people from all walks of exercise that teaches me how to Defend, Fight and get into Shape

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I am Much More Confident and Sure of Myself

2 years ago, I was in the worst physical and mental shape of my life. My daughter, concerned about my health,introduced me to David. I was terrified, but went anyway. I was surprised to find a kind,patient man who didn't judge or belittle me. I have never stayed with a workout of any kind, I would always find an excuse not to go. 2 years later, I am still at it, losing weight slowly but steadily and more importantly I am more active and in better shape than I have been in years. I enjoy coming to work out, it is the highlight of my week. David has helped me find the self confidence I never had to hold my head up and keep at it. It has been a physical change as well as a mental one, no longer do I have the mentality of a victim. I am much more confident and sure of myself than I ever have been. so thanks to you, David, for believing in me so I could learn to believe in myself.

  --Margie O.